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Yet this time there was a light within Sophia a familiar voice encouraging her to look outward. And then she felt it the countless worlds gently beckoning for her attention. guiding her consciousness to anomalies within the weave of reality. pockets…Fragments of vash. Sophias eyes widened. One by one falling stars began to fill the sky pieces of Vash possibly harboring thousands of survivors! It made sense almost instantly. The garvegian line must have acted like a jet stream dragging pieces of the shattered world along behind it. and because of the noble alchemists sacrifices attracting the beyond to the train the pieces behind the train would have been devoured only after the train had ceased.

Sophia’s mind raced. Neither herself nor the alchemists around her had any more strength! how were they going to stop all those fragments from simply crashing down killing everyone on them?! A reassuring hand was placed on her shoulder at that point standing beside her were angel and the dryad. “You can feel it yes lady Herodotus?” Angel Said quietly through the dryads spirit link. “we are no longer on a dead world” The dryad continued “reach out to them I am sure they will help their new little sister” A moment of confusion crossed Sophia face briefly but the meaning quickly dawned on her. She had been completely depleted when they had arived but she was rapidly becoming aware that her whole being now coarsed with power more power than she had ever possessed in her entire immortal life. She nodded turning towards the falling fragments. She pointed towards them exerting the laws of gia upon the physics surrounding the remnants of vash. Vast equations flashed through her mind as she worked out how to arrest the force of such massive objects drawing on the memories of thousands of souls and five particularly ingenious ones to help her complete it she invoked the laws and over 20 huge 3 dimensional alchemichal arrays surrounded the falling pieces. A massive rush flew out of Sophia as she did this and looking upon her own hands she saw her form blurring and shifting. She looked back over her shoulder at her companions now fully understanding what was happening to her. “Go child of Gia. Make these people somewhere to belong. We all knew you ceased being merely human a long time ago.” Dante affirmed in his rich voice.
Sophia… Daughter of Gia smiled tearfully and nodded letting her form drift up unto the tides of aether as she prepared to create her own laws her own physics their own world. She felt all the other world around her connect in allowing her space to begin. In awe she felt the whole multiversal setup shift to alow her a place among the great roil of creation that was this place. this haven from the beyond. With a smile and a thought she cast out the arrays. The last act of alchemy the woman Sophia Herodotus would ever preform.

She formed it. all of it everything she could remember of the realm they had all called home for the millions of years Impossibly Physics and reality itself bent and shaped around her as she carved every detail of the world of Gia the world of Vash and the lost world of the dryad. The sparks of creation flared before the dazzled onlookers of arkham as she invoked the principles of this new realm and carefully crafted The monument to all those who had fought to get here. Careingly sculpted with the memories of a million or more lost souls that she held within herself a home a new hope she forged. And in the back of her mind she held the Ideals for this new world Ideals held by five particular individuals that had found thier way into her heart.
From Luther: Friendship, Truth, Legacy.
From Cassiopeia: Compassion Determination, Curiosity.
From Amina/Falicity: Love, Forgiveness, Selflessness.
From Winston: Honor, Loyalty, Kindness.
From Ayenna: Family, Innovation, creativity

With these people and millions of others in her mind Sophia Sculpted a new world and nestled it within the planar setup becoming its living world soul. Those alchemists and none alchemists alike who exist upon it are to follow Laws of equivalent exchange as an ode to Gia those saith who live are to follow the code of live and let live as an ode to Vash and as an ode to all those who sacrificed to allow this knew realm to exist and the people of arkham and Vash to endure Sophia instilled a third principle into the world.

United we stand

thanks for the great campaign everyone



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