Mathew Vhan-go

The Symphonic Alchemist


(Dead: Murdered guild date 665)


An accomplished alchemist of the rank of Scholar. Both his parents were instrument makers his father making violins his mother making pianos. As alchemy became more prevalent in Arkham his parents crafts using basic craftsmanship and no alchemical ability cost them much business. Trying to adapt to the times Mathews father studied the basics of crafting alchemy but was never able to wrap his mind around it and thus his family slowly sank into poverty. Mathew had always enjoyed testing his parents instruments and at a young age he was a reasonably gifted musician. Thus when his family began to struggle he volunteered to play music in the dyonesis District to assist with the bills. Between the three of them they were able to ech out a simple but comfortable existence until the day Mathew stumbled upon his fathers old alchemy books.

Inspired by the richness of information and wonder in this strange science Mathew quickly memorized the principles and began to combine that knowledge with his knowledge of music and sound to form a whole new branch of alchemical study based on resonance. This of coarse caught the attention of the guild and Mathew began his rise in the alchemical world.

7 years later when Mathew was promoted to seeker his father fell ill. 3 years after that his father died of the illness. Mathew continued his research to escape his grief diving into tomes and spending hours in his auditorium experimenting with crystals and vibrations. He used his now formidable income to support his mother. 4 years after that he was promoted to scholar though his fame in music was much more prevalent in arkham. though not many noticed it something had changed Mathew greatly on his rise through the guild ranks. he had become withdrawn almost melancholy and though he still smiled and laughed on occasion they were always tinged with a hint of sadness at some unspoken truth in his life.

Mathew Vhan-go

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