Jackob Smith

the Earthen Alchemist


Promoted to the rank of Journeyman and never expected to go much further do to his lack of interest in alchemy. Jakob invented an incredibly simple alchemical symbol for prospecting. Allowing him to Identify all the materials in the earth around the symbol for 1 mile. This symbol has been adapted by most alchemists for Identifying minerals.His second symbol made seems to be able to manipulate granite in ridiculously intricate ways. other alchemist have not been able to replicate this symbol for whatever reason and being barely learned in alchemy himself Jackob can’t explain it to them in an understandable way.

A down to earth no nonsense simple man. He is massively built but not tall simply sturdy. He is a miner by trade and simply uses his talents to help his fellow workers make a living. though an honorary alchemist himself he cares little for alchemists.

Jackob Smith

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