Cassie Zuri


Marie likens her friend Cassie to a dark faerie. Once, while the friends were walking to work, the shadows moved and the setting sun so dazzled Marie’s eyes that Cassie, walking in front of her, became a dark phoenix rising out of the sun rays. Shortly after that, Marie started calling her friend “Faer Cassie” for the stunning visual trickery she had experienced that had made her friend seem quite ethereal and capable of flight.

In addition, her friend has the short stature and slender body of a faerie without wings. Her friend moves with the kind of quick fluidity that Marie imagines faeries use too. At The Stiff Drink Cassie would handle trays of interestingly shaped glasses often without accident. The only times her physical grace was compromised was when she was really drained, either because she wasn’t eating or sleeping enough. Cassie doesn’t need much of either though, especially sleep. Marie often wonders if Cassie has a permanent energy providing alchemy circle somewhere on her person, but Marie has never seen it.

While Marie looks out for her friend with an open face, Cassie prefers to observe her friend and the world from behind a long, dark sheet of hair. Cassie does not wholly obstruct her dark, bullet-hole eyes, but she tends to use her hair like a curtain to sharpen her focus and lessen attention paid to her. Despite her tendency to veil herself behind her hair, Marie has never known a Cassie without deft although dark makeup.

Although Cassie applies lots of makeup, Marie does not think the makeup is to attract a mate, which is a quirk that baffles Marie since she adores doting on her boyfriend. Regardless of Marie’s gentle suggestions, Cassie has never taken a date to a social function. However, Marie has recently noticed Cassie get dreamy eyed occasionally although Marie has never determined who has caught Cassie’s attention.

Cassie Zuri

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