Hymn for the lost

listen while reading

Dante algol’s eyes opened to a light unlike he had ever witnessed. in a flash his memories of the moments before they crashed crowded back into his throbing head. The Death of Vash the sacrifice of so many alchemists to keep the garvegian line intact. Cordilious’ sudden but inevitable betrayal….the death of his grandson in the last 30 seconds of thier journey. Then an impact a light and now… His eyes were adjusting now he could see the piteous few survivors of their once proud world. one by one climbing out of the wreckage of their battered vessel of deliverance. their voices an odd mix of grief and awe. As they took their first breaths of air not tainted by the vile eminence of the beyond. Dante imagined his own expression was little different he to was in awe of the…absence of. His eyes widened suddenly as the full freedom of the absence hit him. He had been bracing for the weight of the madness that had tormented his mind his entire adult life to come crashing down upon him but that too was, absent. Like his mind had finally been pulled out of the flames leaving a beautifully quiet freedom. His breath caught his brow furrowed as wave after wave of relief rushed through his hagered mind and with it all the other emotions he had been holding back for his whole life. He laughed first great bursts of relieved laughter that caused several survivors to gaze startled at him, He then began to sob. He felt the greaf of his sons death at his two grandsons deaths. The beautifully human pang of regret for killing so many and sacrificing so many more all to get here all to live. His knees gave out and his palms hit the vibrant earth. He cried, wailing each peace of humanity back into his being. filling the whole that the madness had occupied with the man known as Dante Algol once more. caring not for who witnessed him as he wrung his hands in the dew covered grass that was to green to be real. he heard the others around him vaugly realizing who each greaved for. some loundly howling at the sky or over thier loved one corpese other quietly weeping for family members whose forms lay all too still. 76 survivors 76 releaved and grief stricken souls. 76 fragments of Gia and Vash the last Remanent of their world and in the center of all of them one figure stood still as death. Sophia Herodotus had not moved since they had emerged from the wreckage.

She could feel it as clear as her own heart beat. This world was alive, not just alive but connected, healthy, welcoming. The being known as Sophia Herodotus stood paralyzed with sensation and emotion. Their was greaf in her for the lose of her newly made friends and yet it was quieted by the fact that she could feel all their souls carefully cradled within her heart. It was when she opened her eyes that the cold hollow grief took hold. So few had made it. too few to repopulate barely enough to tell the tales of the valiant souls she now held within herself or of the valiant world her mothe…Gia. Would Sophia have to once again tell tragic tales of those who sacrificed everything for a far to small victory? She head Dante cry out behind her. Heard the gentle sobbing of Elizabeth, Ethia and Rose over Luthers body. Herd the unrestricted sobs of Leon who didn’t even have a body to cry over as he greaved Felicity . The subdued sniffles of Eve as she clung to goliath weeping over damian And ayennas death. She saw the slumped form of Beladonna high guard gazing back from were they had come as if somehow Winston would just cheerily walk out of the carnage making a silly pun about death. Malinda Beltza Crying into Tony’s shoulder as he stood stoically gazing down at their daughters lifeless form, a single tear silently painted on his leather cheek.

This wasn’t victory. This wasn’t a success. This was a whisper of a thought making its way into a world that had no place for it. Sophia’s throught tightened but her eyes were dry the familiar agony of surviving was about to settle in one more time.




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