.....An unseen battle

“Go!! Run!!” Gregory high guard shouted to the wide-eyed alchemists behind him. “We will hold it off” Theodore created a wall making array and sealed off the street between the alchemist and the..creature The creature would break such a wall easily but Gregory was thankful for it. It broke line of sight between himself and his charges so they wouldn’t have to see how terrified he was. despite this he readied himself drawing his blade and preparing to put the grotseque thing before them back beneath the earth were it belonged. He was about to put this sentiment into words when a croaking laughter rasped out of the things throught.

“Twisting turning little worms drawn out by the rain, Ripped apart by little birds bringing death and pain.” its eyes locked of Gregory The sing song quality of the words was dissonant from the deep sluggish voice the versed them. Gregories battle cry died in his throught. The one eye of the creature focused on him with relentless intensity the other gyrated in its socket like a thing trying to escape the grotesque its body had become. and somewhere in the depths of that eye Gregory could see a tortured fragment of a psyche a soul half devoured and fully mad begging for sweet nothing to take it. Gregory faltered he could not face this thing the Idea that there was something human in that twisted shell terrified him more for reasons he could not explain. his sword grip loosened. Under that gaze his stance faltered. but as his courage was about to give out a reassuring hand was placed on his shoulder.

“at piece borther.” Vincent said to him, his serene smile the same as always. “we are the high guard. Whatever we face it shall be overcome.” he turned towards the creature thier stalwart cousin Gorge stepping up beside him. “WE ARE THE HIGH GUARD!” he repeated in a great shout. “Never Dishonored!”

“Never Defeated!” Gorge, and Theodore continued
“Never Alone.” Gregory breathed with and edge of determination his grip tightening on his blade his will set. They charged.

The first blow sunk deep into the creatures side. in response it backhanded Gorges face off sending blood and brain matter spattering across the street. Flinging their former companions body rag dolling into a building. Then it lashed at Theodore who deftly dodged using his nimble frame to his advantage .three swords sunk into the things ribs but the high guard were too used to their opponents dying when mortally wounded. It grabbed Vincent hand and sent its other hand tunneling into Vincents chest he screamed for a moment before a root like appendage ripped up his throught and into his brain making a sickening slurping sound as Vincent’s head crumpled inward like a deflated balloon. The last thing Gregory saw was his youngest brother tumbling away in horror shouting at Gregory to get away from that thing but then something made contact with the back of Gregory’s skull. And Gregory high guard was no more….



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