Alchemy the science of transmuting matter from one form to another… at least that is the most basic form of it. Throughout the ages the city state of Arkham has thrived on the ingenuity and accomplishments of its esteemed specialists known as alchemists. In a dark world were the sun only rises every 36 hours for a single 12 hour stretch across the tinted sky and the howl of many a dangerous or horrifying creature can be heard lurking beyond the reaches of the ever lit city streetlamps, The diligence of alchemist has allowed Arkham to thrive and the people within it to live safely.
This is a story of the lives of five Alchemists and their journey up the ladder of the the guild their sites set on the exalted title of master or better still grand master. And perhaps time may tell a different story one that goes beyond the innovations and maneuverings of The Guild into the explorations of the very foundations of the alchemical world and the wonders and horrors that await there.


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