Vicktor Nostramous

Head of House Nostramous


A man with a contemplative and gentle demeanor. Vicktor is the wise aged leader of House nostramous. He has been instrumental in the founding of the alchemy academy providing books and funding to help it get off the ground though other houses helped as well House nostramouses vast library of information was a vital part in getting the school off the ground. It has been cleared by the guild that no hidden agenda beyond the publicity of helping such a large project was found in his motives and thus other noble houses begrudgingly let their young alchemists enroll there.

No one is quite sure how old he is only that he has been the head of his house for a number of generations and that he is getting less and less mobile by the year. but he still continues to diligently work towards the betterment of his house and the pursuit of knowledge. For if there is one thing time hasn’t dulled on the old alchemist its his mind.

Vicktor Nostramous

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