Reginold High-Guard

Hier to the Highguard noble house


Reginald is the son of Siegfried making him the next in line to lead the house when his father passes. Incredibly gifted as a fighter he attained his swordsman’s apprenticeship at the age of 8 and through extreme effort rose to be one of the best hand to hand combatants in the high guards ranks and possibly in Arkham as a whole. He is close with his two cousins Belladonna and Bobby whom he grew up with Theodore, Vincent, and Gregory were also good friends of his though their relationship was definitely more on the rivalry side of things.

Many in the high guard house worry about Reginald’s romantic future. he seems disinterested in anything pertaining to that nature and spends almost all his time perfecting his sword technique and dealing with matters of the house. Some believe he just hasn’t met the right woman. some believe he is just unbearably shy. Some others say he hasn’t found the right man. regardless of the reason Reginald does not appreciate any of their speculations regardless of intention and avoids the topic all together whenever possible.

For the most part he is silent and regal like his father though he has a little bit of prankster in him as well. deeply loyal and level headed he has become something of an Idol among the people of arkham that know of him. A shineing example of the Highguard Ideals

Reginold High-Guard

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