Pier Algol

Late Head of House Algol


Deceased: crushed during the crash 666


Pier was first born of his generation making him the most likely of any of his siblings to succeed and succeed he did. Though not hailed as a genius or prodigy he did well enough for himself that his brothers never managed to surpass him. His Discoveries in symbology allowed him to rank high enough to be considered competent whenever his father Dante decided to step down. However the incident with Dante that marred the Algol family name saw Pier rise to power early as he exiled his own father from the house stripping him of both name and honor. Pier has always been a hard man he married not for love but for good breading and to strengthen the house. He gave his wife enough children to insure the continuation of the line and then they slept in separate bedrooms from then on. He let her do most of the work with the children only visiting them to coach them on what to expect in the alchemical world. Beyond that he kept to his study. engrossed in undoing the damage dealt by his father to the Algol name. A stern sophisticated man whos face never seems to stray far from a frown he rule the algol with a harsh steady hand.

Pier Algol

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