Marie Fairchild


Marie was born to a simple working class family. Her mother was lucky enough to draw 1 child even without any talent in alchemy or special qualities. Marie’s mother was a very careing and happy parent for the most part however there were certain times throughout Marie’s childhood when her mother became inexplicably distant. These intances often lasted for a few weeks and involved Marie’s mother bocoming all but unresponsive to everyone around her. Marie’s father always just accepted it and tried to distract Marie with activities and trips to other parts of the city until her mother recovered. Marie never understood or had any clue of what these episodes were, Even to this day.

Marie was always blessed with a very careing disposition feeling a more than healthy dose of empathy for those around her. She enjoyed the warm feeling of helping people and the rewarding sensation of watching things grow thus Gardening was a major pastime in her young life. It went without saying that she adored children and she often volunteered at a local orphanage. as soon as she was of age she went to the guild to see how many children she was allowed. She was crushed when that little red number came up 0. She was not allowed to have any children. Though this disheartened her for a time she picked herself up and vowed that she would start her own orphanage to look after children that had nowhere else to go. She met Cassiopeia while working at the stiff drink as a waitress. The two became fast friends and after learning about her friends tendency to overwork herself Marie often took on the role of looking after her.

Marie is a kind girl with an acute eye for detail. She has not had many encounters with men and tends to clam up when she interacts with them much to her own frustration.

Marie Fairchild

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