Amina de Clairmont


Deceased Died preventing the saith genocide: 666

Long Black Hair, Blue Eyes
Tall, beautiful, alluring, intelligent, ambitious, alchemically powerful, dexterous,
She has a sexy librarian look.
She hides power and ambition behind a sexy, sultry expression and eyes.


Specialities: Golem, Golem languages, Symbology, Homunculi, Grimoires,

What is important to me?
Power/Knowledge/Mastery of Alchemy
Political power (position of Grand Alchemist or similar position)
Knowledge/Discovery of something very powerful/important to society
Knowledge/Discovery of what happened and what/who is responsible for my parents murder, what is involvement of Alchemist Guild Council or criminal organization?
Power over other people, ability to convince others my point of view and/or to do things for me
Increase of my power and/or increase others power (of my choosing)
Achieving power, keeping power, displaying power, using power
What horrors are out there and how to defend myself against them, and whoever/whatever killed my parents.
Revenge on whoever/whatever killed my parents.
Power over relationships/love
Love/relationships are okay if it helps with achieve my ends, but I have no use/time for it unless there is a purpose.


Amina de Clairmont
Father: Matthew Clairmont Mother: Diana Clairmont
Sister: Aiyonna Clairmont

I come from a working class family. We did not have much money but we were happy.
My father was a glassblower and my mother worked as a cleaner/janitor at a pharmacy/alchemy lab. My father taught me glassblowing and how integral glass was to the practice of alchemy. He even hypothesized that making alchemical changes to the glass itself may aid in the practice of alchemy, creation of new alloys/alchemical solutions. My mother used to sneak me home supplies from the pharmacy, expired stock, supplies, broken beakers/flasks/etc. stuff to help my alchemical studies. She also taught me how to clean up any alchemical mess, how to remove any residue/alchemical symbols, understand and notice evidence of alchemy in a room. My sister also lived with us. She is really brilliant and handy with technology and gears and stuff like that. She rolls her eyes at me a lot :) I think we both have a bit of a De Clairmont mischevious streak.

My dream was and still is to become Grand Alchemist and make the ultimate alchemical discovery. I knew that with my background, the only way I would have a chance would be to complete my education at the best most prestigious school in the city, “Academie d’Alchimie Grand”. There was no way my parents could afford it but I persevered in school and managed to win one of the few scholarships available to attend the school. I had to keep my grades up to maintain the scholarship, so I worked extremely hard. I had to work harder than most at that school, as I didn’t have parents with cushy council jobs or the like. I found that I had a gift for alchemy and enjoyed my time there immensely. I graduated 2nd in my class, received my alchemist licence and managed to get hired at the Alchemist Guild Tower. I wanted to be an assistant to the Grand Alchemist himself or other high ranking council members but those positions went to the sons/daughters of council members and other prominent members of the community. I managed to become a lab assistant to one of the less prominent council members, however.

But before my graduation ceremony at school and before my internship was to start, tragedy struck. It was sometime around midnight. I was sleeping in my family’s living quarters above the glassblowing workshop. I had had disturbing dreams that night, which I can’t quite recall. I woke up in a sweat, hearing screams below. I rushed downstairs, glass was smashed everywhere. I saw a shadow of something running out the door. I try to recall more than that, but the memory always seems to be out of reach. I found several alchemical symbols/circle on the floor and a small ring with the Alchemical Guild Council symbol on it. I worried that the authorities would accuse my parents of unlicensed alchemy and breaking of the alchemical laws. I had to protect their reputation and not risk my new position at the Alchemist Guild Tower. With skills learned from my mother, I cleaned up the shop, leaving no trace of what had happened there. I made it look like a robbery gone wrong. I removed any trace of the alchemical symbols and Council symbols but I will always remember what I saw that day. I swore that day, that I would never rest until I found out what happened to my parents. Who or what killed them? What was the involvement, if any, of the Alchemist Guild Council? I managed to feign innocence when questioned by the authorities. I claimed I was asleep in my bed with no memory of what had happened until later than morning, when I came downstairs to a destroyed shop and a robbery gone wrong. My grief was real and no acting was required for that interview.

I was lucky that I had the position at the Alchemist Guild Tower. I would use the position to find out what happened. But I had my original purpose for my position at the Guild Tower. I want to learn all of the Council’s secrets, be able to have access to different places. My goal is to use this position and future positions as an alchemist to work my way to the top position of Grand Alchemist.

I’m collecting evidence and working hard with my alchemy to further my own ends, rise up the alchemist ranks and also try to solve our parents’ murder. I’m also trying to study the alchemical symbols/residue left after my parents’ murder to try to figure out what alchemy was involved and what the involvement of the Alchemist Guild or a criminal organization might be. I must be careful. Whoever was involved may suspect I know something and try to find out or worse go after me. I must be on my guard, ever vigilant. I must do whatever will further my ends the most, increase my power in the guild and find the information I desire and punish those responsible.

Amina de Clairmont

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